Two and a half decades ago when ARG was initiated, the idea was to let people escape mediocrity that existed in the real estate industry. Before delivering a project, one needs to look at aspects like, what is the need, how to fulfill that need and what impact has it created in the life of the people involved. A project for ARG has always been measured and analyzed on these parameters and with time it has grown manifolds, thus impacting lives in greater magnitude. ARG started as a result of the entrepreneurial leap that I took in 1990 by setting up ARG Developers Pvt Ltd, and today it has bloomed into a leading Real Estate Group, because of the belief endowed by our current team. The focus, since then, has always been on creating value for each one who has believed in our endeavors.

"Leadership is not a position; it’s a way of dealing with challenges."

ARG Group strongly believes and follows 5 keys to excellence - Punctuality, Quality, Reliability, Speed and Transparency. This is where our uniqueness lies and has always shown us the path in challenging times. Consumer’s trust and the faith entrusted by our associates are two key aspects that make ARG Group stand out from the rest.

The future holds many opportunities for everyone and so the competition has always been with the very 'us'. This helps us focus on what we do better and how to raise our own bars of expectations for any given project. It explains our ability to introduce New Age Homes and State-of-the-Art Infrastructures that fill the skyline as an elegant streak. Our deep analysis about the market, expert understanding of the technology involved and the potential to step into consumer's shoes and assess their need in their own terms are the core reasons behind our exponential growth.

"There’s no looking back when the vision ahead is so clear."

In coming years, ARG is committed to being one of the most prestigious real estate groups and take the legacy of two and a half decades with its remarkable performance. For creating architectural masterpieces are still an achievable affair, but to earn the trust and keep at it is something we excel in.

Mr. Atma Ram Gupta