Working with this company has always been an overwhelming journey. Climbing the ladder of success from an executive to DGM (Business Relations) has been a great feeling and learning experience for me .Thirteen long years of association with the company and contributing in its development has strengthened the bond and helped me rise!

Reason why I have been with the company is quality work, friendly work environment and immense learning opportunities. This holistic experience has been great and I am very happy to be a part of this organization.

Mr. Vishnu Kumar Dhamani, DGM Business Relations

It has been 5 years since I have been working at ARG Group as a Company Secretary. The opportunities and scope of development has polished my skills and helped me become a better resource.

Mr. Naveen Jain, Company Secretary

The last 10 years of working in ARG has indeed been an enriching experience, employees are treasured for their work and sincerity. It has been a tremendous learning experience, both personally and professionally. If I look back and reflect on the golden days spent in the company,words would fall short. Expressing my feelings, the only thing that I can say is want to age with the firm.

Mr. B.S Kushwah, Sr. Project Manager

It has been 10 years since I have been working with the company and the journey has given growth, success and learning par excellence.

Going down the memory lane I have smile on my face recalling the joyous moments spend with my colleagues. The company has always appreciated its employees and rewardedthem.

Anita Pareek, Sr. Exe Accounts

It has been 4 year that I have been associated with the company and when I took a stroll down the memory lane could see me a very blissful and satisfied person having co-workers standing by me through thick and thin.

The trauma and stress that people go through working in other private firm has never been felt working here rather it’s more like at home.

The company truly appreciates its employees by recognizing and rewarding their efforts and performance and I believe that my growth in the company is the perfect example. Working here, I have realised a leader within me and looking forward to reach new heights.

Mr. Abhinav Singh Tanwar, Manager Sales (Ajmer)

The 5 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my professional life. Company’s ethics has always motivated me to be at my best and helped me persuade my goal and keep a simple thing in mind that as long as you are determined, sky’s the limit for you.

Easy approachable higher authorities has even made things easy and made me think out of the box and identify new solutions.

Mr. Ravi Somara, DGM Sales (Ajmer)

These 4 years in the company are the golden days of my life. The healthy atmosphere to work has given a chance to explore my ability to innovate an idea to work with the demand of the market.

A robust and transparent performance management system has enabled fostering a performance based culture. Besides every time I do something innovative I have been acknowledged.

The mentorship programs have provided guidance which has helped me continually improve my professional skills and enhance personally.

I would accept that this company has an open communication channels, without any hierarchical barriers.

Mr. Yogesh Chandra, Asst. Manager Sales

It’s been 7.5 years that I have been working with this group and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’.

There hasn’t been a single day, when the colleagues and seniors haven’t stood by me.

Various trainings like corporate etiquette, time management, goal setting has helped groom and develop professionally.

Mr. Kaushal Gupta, Manager CRM & Legal

It has been a great experience working with ARG Group. I joined the group as a Purchase Officer in 2006, after 11 years of entrepreneurship. When I joined the construction industry, it was quite new for me and I had to spend some time with the chairperson and other seasoned colleagues in office to better understand the functioning.

I have been with the company and seen an exponential growth and the positive attitude of colleagues has helped me grow as a person.

Mr. PP Kanungo, DGM Purchase

Last 7 years with ARG Group has been like a roller coaster ride, I have enjoyed every bit of it and these years have played an important role in making me what I’m today.

The working environment and friendly atmosphere has made my life and helped me toil towards the desired goal.

Mr.SaurabhVasistha, Project Manager