• To Adopt Latest Technology For Constructing Affordable Housing And Developing Related Infrastructure For All Segments Of The Society.
  • To Continuously Learn And Practice The Contemporary Trends In Construction And Infrastructure Development Industry.
  • To Involve All Employees As Partners In Organizational Growth.
  • To Ensure Safety Of Employees.
  • To Provide Opportunities For Personnel Growth.
  • To Continuously Upgrade Annual Bench Marks For Higher Turnover, Profitability And Cost Effectiveness.

Core Values


  • Employees are expected to safeguard core values of integrity, respect, high performance adopted by the organization.
  • Employees should be committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from any kind of discrimination or harassment.
  • Employees must act in such a manner so as to uphold and enhance personal honor, integrity and dignity of the profession.
  • Even outside the Company premises, employees shall conduct themselves in such a manner so as to ensure that the credibility of ARG is always maintained of the highest order.
  • An employee does not have the right to intimidate his/her subordinate to carry out his/her personal work.
  • Employees will do no discrimination on the grounds of Race, Religion, Caste or Sex.
  • An employee shall respect the confidentiality of any proprietary information or property belonging to the Company.
  • No employee should be in possession, purchase, sale, transfer or use of illegal drugs (other than those medically prescribed for the employee), alcohol, or controlled/ intoxicating substance while on company premises, engaged in company business, or while operating company vehicles or equipment.

Corporate Citizenship

  • We express support for fundamental human rights and avoid participating in business activities that abuse human rights.
  • We act in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the regions in which we operate, and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of communities.
  • We aspire to act in a manner that eliminates the detrimental environmental impacts of our business operations.
  • We encourage the support of charitable, educational and community service activities.